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Bleeding Through begeben sich ins letzte Gefecht. Die Orange County-Band plant derzeit ihre Abschiedstour

bleeding through

Bereits am 4. Januar verkündete Sänger Brandan Schieppati bei, dass sich die kalifornischen Metalcore-Pioniere Bleeding Through noch in diesem Jahr auflösen werden. Eine ausgiebige Abschiedstournee soll die sechsköpfige Orange County-Band ein letztes Mal durch Nordamerika, Europa und Australien führen. Bis dato gab Bleeding Through noch keine Details zur Tour bekannt, lediglich die Beabsichtigung sich auf einigen Live-Shows von ihren Fans auf offiziellem Wege verabschieden zu wollen.

Nach vierzehn Jahren Bandgeschichte und sieben veröffentlichten Studioalben, zu denen u.a. „This Is Love, This Is Murderous“ und „The Truth“ zählt, wirft die Band das Handtuch. Im Statement von Brandan Schieppati erfahrt ihr mehr über die Gründe der Trennung:

„When you have some success doing something that you love, you never really think about writing a statement about that something coming to an end. Well, that dream that we have had as BLEEDING THROUGH has come to an end.

„I think I can speak for the rest of my bandmates in saying that we always hoped it would end on our terms, and it has.

„We have been fortunate to have a strong fan base worldwide and have brought joy to many and pissed off many more.

BLEEDING THROUGH was always a band that wore the emotion of the music on our sleeves. We cared about everyone like family that ever took the time to listen to our band, support our merchandise and go to our shows.

„Since 1999, we have been blessed to be able to tour the world, record seven records with some great musical minds, tour with amazing bands and people, work with people with character such as management, booking agents and road crew. Most importantly, we made lasting friends from this journey.

„We have been honored to be part of a expanding the musical movement of heavy music and hope to be remembered as a benchmark and pioneer of a specific style of music.

„We have been a band since 1999, and many of us just had life catch up with us in the way of marriages, kids, businesses and other endeavors. We can no longer dedicate what we need to to keep BLEEDING THROUGH going.

„Personally, I feel doing this band in a part-time fashion is not what this band is about and and feel like we have always been an all-or-nothing band. With that being said, and because we have established a worldwide following over the last 14 years, we want to give us and those people one more chance to share in this music together. We are setting up farewell tours. Dates will be up and promoted very soon.

„To those who supported this band: It has been an honor.“


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