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Your Demise geben ihre Auflösung bekannt

your demise

Die britische Punk-Hardcore-Band Your Demise haben in einem Facebook-Statement und einem persönlichen Video ihre Auflösung bekannt gegeben. Dabei bedankte sich die Band vor allem für die grandiose Zeit und den starken Support ihrer Fangemeinde der letzten vier Jahre. Your Demise wollen sich auf jeden Fall mit einer Abschiedstour für die langjährige Unterstützung ihrer Fans bedanken.

Statement der Band:

Your Demise have announced that their time as a band will come to an end in March 2014, following a series of farewell performances (details of which will be announced in the near future).


Your Demise have also announced that in light of this larger decision and other circumstances beyond their control, they will no longer be able to perform their scheduled tour dates in Mexico, North America and Canada, which were set to begin in mid May:

“We are truly very sorry to be letting our fans over the Atlantic down,” say the band of the tour cancellation. “It is with heavy hearts that we have found ourselves having to make the decision to pull out of the shows in Mexico, USA and Canada. Trust us, we are not a band that has ever made a habit of canceling shows, let alone tours, so we have not made this decision lightly. We feel terrible for the disappointment this news will cause our fans in those countries, and we would like to take this opportunity to apologise to all of our transatlantic supporters, the show promoters, our stateside team and, of course, Rotting Out and Expire who both were set to join us on the dates. On a more positive note, Rotting Out will still be doing the West Coast portion of the dates around Rainfest, taking over from us as headliner. Stay tuned for another announcement with the specifics of this very soon.“

“My address is in my suitcase…” : Your Demise, 2006 – 2014

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